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We help UK player to experience online casino the best way possible by finding the best casino bonuses and freespins to the best casino sites. Online casino is very popular and there are thousands of English people playing each day. We believe that it’s important to bring out the best from the gambling industry and therefore we list the best campaigns and gambling sites on this page.

Below you will find a chart with offers and information about casino online.

Online Casino UK Play online casino for free

As the gambling industry is constantly growing it’s now possible to try online casino for free through different offers and campaigns. The most sites has some kind of offer for new players in order to let them try the site for free before you have to make a deposit. This is done by free money, bonuses or no deposit free spins. We can see all the time new gambling sites launching which means lots of new welcome offers and campaigns. Many of these campaigns are no deposit offers. The best of all is that you can use almost all offers in computer, mobile and tablet.

So if you are looking for gambling sites that lets you play casino online for free you’ve found the right place. We help players to find the best sites with everything from no deposit offers to casino bonuses & freespins.

Freespins at online casinos

The most popular thing there is when it comes to online casino is probably free spins. In most welcome campaigns and other offers we find these freebies in a whole lot different games. If you’ve tried online casino before you have probably also seen the free spins offers or even played freespins. This product is something that’s become very popular in UK which means that a lot of people wants to play them and many gambling sites offers them. If you want to experience hundreds of freebies and get more information you can check out free spins page here.

At our site you will find different types of free spins offers, everything from no deposit to other types of offers.

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Casino bonus online

When you’re going to gamble online it could be worth it to use a casino bonus when you’re playing. Some likes bonuses and some despite’s them, so everyone thinks differently but there’s as mentioned benefits but also cons. The pros with a bonus when you’re playing online casino is that you get more money to play for and you can that way bet higher. If you have the luck on your side you can get a really nice win and win lots of money. The con with bonuses is the wagering requirement that could be pretty high at some sites. So it’s important to read terms and conditions for all bonuses that you activate as the terms can differ a lot.

Here at we have a dedicated site that is all about casino bonuses that you can check here. There we’ll list more online casinos who gives you a lot of bonus money with varying wagering requirements.

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Online casino mobile Online casino in mobile & tablet

The modern society that we live in makes it possible for everyone who’s 18 years old to play casino online in mobile and tablet. Nowadays we use smartphones and tablets for almost everything, it’s hardly need for a PC any longer. So if you own an iPhone, Android or any other newer mobile and have a stable internet connection, you can play online casino in a mobile casino where ever you are. The perfect thing for us people who likes the TV sofa.

If you want to play casino in your mobile you can do this two different ways. The most common way is to browse directly via your mobile browser and visit the mobile version of the site. The other option is to download the gambling site’s app and play through that. There isn’t too many gambling sites that has an downloadable app so the first option is the easiest and most common.

New online casinos

There’s always new casinos coming online which is nice for us players as we always can experience new gambling sites and new campaigns. Online casino is very popular and with such a big demand there’s many new products and online casinos. To be honest there isn’t a massive difference between the gambling sites as most of them are on similar platforms and offers games from same game developers. Even if it’s a new online casino or an old one they will basically offer a similar games. What differs them mostly is loyalty programs and then other offers.

Something that’s always good with new casinos is that you can use their new welcome package. So there’s good value to experience when it comes to casino bonuses and free spins.

Online casino 2018

During 2018 there’s a lot that can happen around online casino in all different ways. Something that we saw already last year was that many new casinos and gambling sites were constantly launched which increases the offer and the industry itself rapidly. That way 2018 will be a very interesting year as there will be many new gambling sites with new welcome offers, campaigns and websites. So we as players will without a doubt see new unique sites that has something special to offer.

Because there’s such a big competition it’s important that you’re active and follows the development. For example the gambling sites has to have the latest games from all different game developers and everything has to run smoothly in mobile devices as more traffic comes from mobile and tablets these days. So what’s going to happen during 2018 is that more has to adapt to handle the competition. It will give everything from better offers and loyalty program to better selection of games.

In short we look positively towards 2018. It will also be interesting to follow if there will be any other bigger changes to the UK market. But for now it’s just to keep playing and try all different sites for the best value when it comes to casino online.

Online casino 2017

Online casino has grown strong during the first part of 2017 and will continue the year out. It doesn’t look like there’s any stop for the online casino offer as there’s constantly new gambling sites popping up from left to right. The positive thing with this growth is that it increases the competition among the gambling companies. This results in that the sites has to put more money on us players and on their technology. That way we get to experience casino the best way possible in all our devices as well as getting awesome offers.

2017 is a record year when it comes to growth for gambling sites and we have never seen so many sites, game providers and campaigns before. Online casinos bets big on commercials in the UK which everyone knows. So to summarize 2017 it’s a positive year for UK casino players online and it will be interesting to see what the future has to bring.

Online Casino Games Casino games online

When it comes to casino games online  you will find thousands of different slots and table games to play. The most common games is without a doubt slots, roulette, blackjack and video poker. There is today over 1000 different slots, everything from slots with hard rock theme to fruit games and similar. You can say that there are games within any category that you can imagine, so you’re guaranteed to find something of your taste. We see a very big difference between online casino and for example online bingo, which makes it so that we have a bigger and more fun offering within casino online than what there are on other products.

Most of the games, both table games and slots isn’t only available only in computer but also in mobile and tablet. The game providers makes sure to deliver games that works in mobile devices. A reason to this is because people wants to play casino online in mobile or tablet.

So now you can experience hundreds of casino games in all devices. This allows you to play from all over the world.

Online casino UK

There are very many online casinos in UK out there in the casino world. The reason is that the gambling industry has taken big steps the last 10 years. In UK gambling started early as well so it’s become quite accepted too. The UK market has been quite closed for a long time but now with the UK licence it’s more spread out. I believe that the reason for this is that the players can trust the sites more now. Before it might have been less secure to gamble online before this licence was implemented.

An online casino UK or a gambling site that has the UKGC gambling licence makes it feel safe and secure to play on these sites. With all casinos aware of what’s expected from them I believe this will help the market. Before it’s been an uncertain market that is now getting cleaned up and improved. Here at expcasino we only list safe and secure alternatives who also offers generous campaigns for their players.

Online live casino

Something that’s popular among players is live casino. If you have never played online casino before you might not know that it’s possible to play roulette, blackjack and other table games live. Imagine real tables, a dealer and all is happening live through a webcam. So instead of having computerized table games you  can now play live casino directly in computer, mobile and tablet. It’s also possible to get different bonus offers that’s only for live casino. As well as it’s possible to play live casino with normal welcome bonuses at some gambling sites.

Live casino is something that grows all the time and is available to play at most gambling sites that we list here. So if you like table games such as blackjack and roulette you should really try live casino games.

Casino loyalty and VIP-programs

VIP-programs and loyalty programs is something that has become all more important for players when it comes to online casino. In short it’s about “getting something back” from the site you play at. If you show loyalty or play a lot during a long time, there should be upsides. These upsides are often connected to bonuses, extra free spins, travels, money or stuff.  So if you’re a high roller or an active player there’s big upsides with a VIP or loyalty program. Below you find the different programs there are:

Loyalty program graph

  • VIP-program – for high rollers and active players. Here you can get to come along on trips, VIP-events, get big VIP-bonuses and most of the time your own manager to have direct contact with.
  • Loyalty program – all made in different ways but most often you increase in levels when you play at the casino. There’s also stores where you can buy rewards with your points.

So a loyalty program can look differently in many ways. Essentially they’re all about the same thing, to reward active players. This to stand out in the crowd as all casinos wants you to choose their site.

We see a positive development and more gambling sites than ever with a reward system.

Online casino without account

It’s possible to play online casino with real money without creating any account. This is possible with a no account casino that means that you can play casino online without registering. It works like this:

  • You use a bank ID to start playing and that way verify.
  • No email or phone number is needed.
  • Deposits and withdrawals are made via bank so no card details are needed.
  • Everything happens through the bank ID and bank transactions that gives an increased security.
  • When you want to stop playing you can just close down or pause your gaming. Next time you visit the site with your bank ID the money will still be there if you left any.

A very smooth and 100% safe & secure solution. For now this solution is only available in Sweden but hopefully it will be available in other countries going forward. It’s a very smart solution so we hope that other countries will follow Sweden’s example.

Tips & tricks

Here I’ll list some simple tips about online casino to help you through the massive casino jungle. There are hundreds of sites in Sweden who offers casino online and it’s good to know some things for before and while you’re playing casino.

  • Spend some time on checking everything from the welcome offer to loyalty program and campaigns on the site to get a better insight over what exactly the site has to offer you as a player and how it works. There’s lots of things to get, especially since UK is a big market.
  • Choose a safer alternative to avoid problems with payouts and stupid terms on bonuses and campaigns. There are many sites who’s not as serious and maybe don’t have so much money behind them to payout bigger wins.
  • Play smart and never play for loaned money or more than you can afford to lose. Online gambling can be addictive and money online is harder to value the same way that money in your hand does. So a tips is to put a limit on how much you can deposit per day, week or month.
  • Slots don’t have any sort of memory so don’t chase losses in hopes that the big win will come from the same slot.

There’s a lot to say about casino online as it’s a wide concept. We hope that these tips can give you better conditions when you’re gambling online.

  Safe gambling

Here at we thing it’s important with safe gambling and to take games for real money seriously. There are many who has gotten into bad situations because of gambling in different ways. Because we market online casino and different offers that makes it possible for players to play casino for real money, we also feel that it’s important that to make sure that you as a player can follow some guidelines. This is so that gambling won’t put you in a bad life situation. Below follows some simple tips and guidelines that you can follow. Or at least think about them when gambling online.

  • Never borrow money from something or someone to play casino or any other type of gambling for real money.
  • A good tip is to put limits on your account. That way you have full control over how much you can deposit and play each month.
  • If you feel it’s becoming too much, seek help or talk to someone. Sites like could be a good start or talk to someone close.
  • It’s always possible to close your account or freeze it for a certain time if you need a break.

Let casino online be something entertaining with a chance of winning money. Don’t look at it as a source of income. Gambling online can mean you lose money, so play responsibly.

Summary of online casino

This page contains information about online casino so that you can experience casino online the best way possible. You also find the markets best welcome offers that gives you freespins and bonuses. Check in from time to time if you feel like to read reviews and news, see new offers and campaigns. Good luck with the gambling out there!