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Welcome to the page that’s about online casino bonuses. If you’re looking for a casino bonuses to UK casinos you’re in the right place. On this site we list the best alternatives for the UK market so that you as a player easily can find nice casino bonuses who suits you.

We know that many players actively looks for a casino bonus to get some extra money to play with. That’s why we want to help everyone along the way, so below we’ve compiled a list of generous casino bonuses at the best gambling sites.

Casino Bonuses UK How does casino bonuses work

If you’re new within online casino you might have wondered how it works with casino bonuses. First of all almost all gambling sites in the world some type of bonus they give out to players. It could be a bingo bonus, a bonus for poker or just a casino bonus. So it can be good to know how it works. A bonus is extra money that the player gets from the gambling site, it’s that easy. Let us make an example: You deposit £100 to your account and activates a 100% casino bonus on the deposit. Now your sum of money is £200 instead of £100.

The absolute most important thing to know when it comes to most bonuses is that there’s a wagering requirement connected to the bonus money. So it’s not just to deposit £100 and get £100 for free that you later can withdraw. Although, there are some casinos who gives their bigger players casino bonuses without a wagering requirement. The wagering requirement depends on which bonus you activate and which site you activate it at as all sites sets their own terms & conditions for their campaigns and casino bonuses. So it’s good to check what applies for the bonus you’re activating.

Free casino bonus

There are offers that gives new players a free bonus upon registration. That means that you will get money to play with without having to make a deposit to the site. These bonuses are called no deposit bonuses and isn’t as common among gambling sites as it costs quite much to give out free casino bonuses to players.

Imagine yourself if a site gives out £10 for free to all their UK customers, it becomes huge amounts in bonus costs. So a more common type of free bonus is no deposit free spins, where winnings from the free rounds turns into real money. Sometimes these freespins bonuses comes without a wagering requirement which makes it into a free bonus.

Free stuff is really nice, especially within the gambling and casino industry. That’s why we will actively search for just free casino and free spins bonuses so you get to experience online casino without deposit.

Different casino bonuses

There are several different types of casino bonuses out there. Everything from double up (100% bonus) and up to 4-500% bonuses. Sometimes the bonuses can be even smaller and there’s actually bonuses at only 10%. Almost all casino bonuses are connected to deposits and gives in different campaigns of the gambling site. Often you’ll find different offers at most gambling sites and they can also give a bonus on several deposits. That’s why it’s good to check what applies for each offer. It’s also possible to get live casino bonuses that works especially for live casino as usual casino bonuses most often don’t work on live casino games.

Another way to get a casino bonus is to be loyal to the site you’re playing at. So if you find a site here at our website that you really enjoy you can get loyalty bonuses directly from the site. It’s also possible to get bonuses when you haven’t been active for a while as the gambling sites works actively to keep their players active. Anyway we’d advise you to check for terms & conditions before you take a bonus so you know the wagering requirement. If you follow the to the different casino sites we list here on this page you will also find terms & conditions for the casino bonuses. Should you have any questions it’s possible to contact the gambling sites support and they’ll help you out.

Wagering requirement on casino bonuses

Something that will always be around when we’re talking about casino bonuses is the wagering requirement. When a gambling site launches a campaign or puts up a welcome offer with one or several bonuses, it becomes a so called bonus cost. Because of this you need to add a wagering requirement on casino bonuses. The usual wagering requirement is between 30 – 50 x the bonus amount. But there are also lower wagering and wager free casino bonuses.

If you find bonuses with 30 – 35 x it’s good but if you get closer to 50 x it becomes very hard to wager the bonus. Let’s have a look at an example where the wagering requirement is 35 x. You activate a bonus on 100% up to £100 with a deposit of £50. You now have £50 in your own money and £50 is bonus money. The wagering requirement then becomes 50 x 35 which means you need to wager £1,750 in different casino games that’s available for the bonus before you can withdraw the money. It’s all about having luck on your side when it comes to wagering a casino bonus.

Casino bonuses without wagering requirement

Some players avoids playing with bonuses because of the wagering requirement. So casino bonuses without a wagering requirement should therefore attract more players. That’s why we can see more sites offering these type of bonuses in their loyalty programs for example. That means that when you buy bonuses in that particular loyalty program, you don’t need to wager the bonus. It’s essentially free money that you can get in that case.

In the future most likely more gambling sites will catch onto this trend. It’s at least what players hope for, just for the value. There’s also other ways to get wager free bonuses: You can get them in special campaigns at the site or at VIP-bonuses if you are a VIP-player. So keep an eye out for these amazing bonuses where the wagering requirement has been removed or at least lowered to 1 x.

casino bonuses tablet Casino bonuses in mobile & tablet

If you prefer to play mobile casino in phone and/or tablet you can also do so with casino bonuses. The most gambling sites gives casino bonuses that also works in mobile devices which is very good as more and more players actually plays in mobile devices. If you visit a gambling site via your mobile it looks similar to the desktop version.

So if you want, you can activate a casino bonus in mobile on almost all sites. Then with regards to that the technology all the time gets better, the mobile sites will develop with better and more functions.

To activate a casino bonus in mobile devices you often do this in connection with a deposit. If you would run into any problems with the deposit or activation of different bonuses you can always reach out to customer support to get assistance with all casino bonus questions.

Casino bonuses on new casinos

It’s often launched new casinos who gives casino bonuses to all players. You always get a welcome bonus on first deposit or first deposits to the site. Then thereafter there’s usually loyalty programs and extra bonus campaigns to participate in. So in short there are many casino bonuses at new casinos and gambling sites. If you are a player who likes to find bonuses, this is perfect for you. You should also check through the bonus terms and conditions for the bonus you activate as it sometime can be hard terms for the bonuses.

Some gambling sites locks their casino bonuses so that they only works in some games or excludes some games. Then it’s not possible to bet as much as you want either. So it’s important to know what you can and can not do while playing with a casino bonus.

It’s nice times for all who likes bonuses, so make sure to check in all new casinos and also the old gambling sites as there’s new bonuses available all the time to activate.

Casino bonus tips

Because not everyone is fully aware of what a casino bonus is and how casino bonuses works, you will find some tips below that might help you in the casino world. It’s always good to know more in order to optimize your gaming.

  • Test several gambling sites who offers a casino bonus in the welcome package. That way you get loads of bonus money to play with which increases the chance to win.
  • If you want to try and win big with a bonus you also need to bet a bit higher than normal. Increase the bets a little and hope for the best when playing with a bonus.
  • It’s important to know what terms and conditions that applies for the bonuses you activate. It might be possible to cancel the bonus before you’ve started playing with the bonus money and it’s always good to know the wagering requirement.
  • If you try some sites you will also get casino bonuses in different campaigns from the sites, so it’s not only in the welcome offer.

There’s a lot to say about casino bonuses but these are some points that can be good to think about. The absolute most important of it all is to have fun while playing. Never play for more than what you can afford to lose.

Pros & cons with casino bonus

Here we take a look at some pros and cons with casino bonuses online as it can be good to know this when you’re playing. It’s all about increasing your chances when you’re playing with a casino bonus. Some times you shouldn’t even activate a bonus as it can be hard to maybe wager the amount needed.


  • Extra money to play with which means more play time and more for your money.
  • You can use casino bonuses to increase chances of winning on slots.
  • You can bet bigger amounts per bet in order to win more.
  • It’s possible to get free bonuses that won’t require a deposit.


  • It can be hard to finish the wagering requirement if they are too high.
  • Sometimes you can’t play all slots as the bonus money only works on certain games.

Most often it’s worth it to play with casino bonuses if you use them the right way.

Casino Bonuses 2018 Casino bonuses 2018

Now that it’s 2018 we will be able to see even more casino bonuses from all gambling sites, new as old. Nowadays there’s hundreds of gambling sites available for the UK market which means that there’s lots of bonus money to get. You will see an increased selection of games and increased percentage on casino bonuses to attract players. It’s also possible to get many bonuses in new campaigns, loyalty programs and in other ways. With regards to the competition among the gambling sites is so big, 2018 will probably be the best casino year till date.

We will make sure to update this page with new offers every now and then so that you always find current casino bonuses. is for you who like bonuses and we guarantee you several interesting casino bonuses during 2018.

Casino bonuses 2017

During 2017 there are more casino bonuses than ever. It’s because of all the new casinos that’s launching every now and then which in turn gives new welcome offers and more bonuses. Something that’s also noticeable is the competition among casinos and gambling sites which makes the casino bonuses bigger and with lower wagering requirements. So 2017 is a really good year for everyone who likes to play with a casino bonus. There’s also more and more bonuses in different on-site campaigns and in loyalty programs.

Here at you will find all current casino bonuses for 2017 and you can always take several offers in our list above.

Summary of casino bonuses

This page gives you more information about casino bonuses as well as showing gambling sites who offers bonuses with and without deposit. This site will always be updated with new offers and welcome offers. So feel free to stop by every now and then for news about bonuses and new offers that contains one another casino bonus.