Casino Games

Casino games online

There’s a wide selection of casino games online nowadays and there are some reasons for that. First of all online casino is a very popular and growing product, then the technology allows to develop new games all the time.

Below follows more information about the different casino games that’s offered for UK players as well a chart above gambling sites where you find generous offers and the best game selection on the market.

Casino Games tablet Casino games in mobile & tablet

Now days you can play many different casino games directly in your mobile and tablet thanks to the technology and really good game providers. In one end the technology allows gambling sites to offer an mobile adapted site and in the other end the game providers develops mobile adapted casino games. This becomes a perfect combination and all of the sudden we can play hundreds of games in mobile devices. Many players actually prefers to play casino games in mobile or tablet. With the steady increase we’ll all the time see more games and better adapted mobile sites from gambling companies.  If you want to learn more and get more information about casino in phone, check out the page for phone casino.

Of the different casino games there are it’s slots who’s the biggest part and you find hundreds of different slots in mobile. Then it’s possible to play many other games like table games, roulette, blackjack and scratch cards. So you can therefore play exactly the same casino games in mobile, computer and tablet.

Free casino games

You can play free casino games in several different ways. The most common and maybe the most popular is through free spins in different games. It means that you get to spin X amount of free rounds on a selected slot without using your own money. That way you get to play free casino games and also has the chance to win real money. If you don’t want to play for real money or a real account at all you can choose to play casino games with play money. That way you can play all different games just by using play money.

Sometime there’s also gambling sites who gives free money in different campaigns. With the free money you can then play all different casino games. It works the same way as playing with bonus money, so it’s possible to say that bonus money also opens up to play free casino games.  Anyway there are many possibilities to play free these days.

Casino games with bonus

If you play with casino bonuses it can be good to know a bit more about how it works when you play with bonus in different casino games. If you’re playing with bonus money there are terms and conditions that’s good to know about. Bonuses are always connected to terms and conditions that could stop you from playing certain games. So if you can’t play all games you want to when you’re playing with bonus money it’s because of this. Almost all bonuses has a wagering requirement connected to it. With a wagering requirement some games will contribute different and some games won’t be possible to play. The reason to this is that the games are very different and the gambling sites wants to protect themselves against players misusing the casino bonuses.

Then it differs a lot if you’re playing slots or table games with a bonus. As almost all slots contributes 100% to the wagering while table games usually contributes 10% but most often 0%. So if you want to play casino games with a bonus you should check terms & conditions. That way you know exactly how the bonus works and don’t have to get any surprises.

Casino games – Slots

The absolute most common casino game is without a doubt slots and there’s right now thousands different slots to try out. The number increases along time as there are several game providers who’s all the time developing new games. So if slots are something for you then you’ll always have new and interesting games to try. The selection is wide and you find very many different themes on these slots. You’ll find everything from fruit slots to zombie and story slots. There’s also slots based on movies, series and known music artists. You for example find The Godfather, Terminator, Jurassic Park, Guns N’ Roses, South Park and Motörhead. Well just a whole sea of different casino games.

So if you’ve played online casino you’ve probably also played some of all thousands slots there are.  The best is that more and more slots are also available in mobile devices these days.

Live casino games

There are plenty of live casino games nowadays and it’s a product that’s growing in a steady pace. It’s then table games like roulette and blackjack that you play on real tables in real time with real dealers via computer, mobile or tablet. As the technology has taken massive steps forward, the table games has gone from land based casinos and dark basements to computerized games and live directly on our screens. That way you can play table games and see everything happening live in a webcam these days. To get more information and try to play live you can visit our page for live casino.

Live table games are perfect for you who doesn’t like slots but rather sticks to other games. It always feels much safer as well as the game experience becomes better in live casino games compared to computerized games.

Casino game Roulette

Among the most popular casino games there are we find roulette. This game is found in all land based casinos and in all online casinos and is a casino game that will never go away. With the chance to win big money and the excitement the game gives it has won a place in many players hearts. Roulette is possible to play in mobile, tablet, computer and in different casinos around the world. There are a few different versions of the game but it’s in the end all about the same thing, to be lucky. If you bet on numbers it’s possible to win everything from 2 – 36 X your stake. Then it depends on how you bet on the table there’s much more than 36 x the stake to win.

So roulette is a very popular game and will always be available for us players to play at all old gambling sites and also at all new casinos that’s launched. Check out our site with information about roulette to learn more about this casino game.

Casino game – Blackjack

Everyone probably knows of the popular casino game of blackjack that’s found both online, in land based casinos and clubs. The game is a card game and it’s about winning against the dealer and is actually a game (unlike other casino games) where you can win in the long run. You can play on a percentage advantage against the house (casino) if you’re playing a mathematical system. We will not go into this but just want to tell shortly about the game itself. Blackjack is available to play at all gambling sites online and if they don’t offer blackjack you should probably avoid gambling there.

It’s possible to play blackjack at night clubs, in different casinos, on cruise ships and everywhere online. You can play for play money for fun or with real money.  If you want to know more about the game you can check out our page that’s about blackjack, there’s all information you need.

Texas hold ’em casino game

A little more rare but still existing in both computerized and live casino version is Texas hold’em casino poker. It’s like playing poker against the casino and of course the odds are against you as this poker game is based more on luck than skill. There’s also a game called Caribbean stud poker, that’s also like playing poker against the house. So if you want to mix poker and casino you can try one of these casino games. If you’re lucky you can also win a progressive jackpot which tempts many players to try.

More casino games

There are also more casino games such as baccarat, craps, keno, casino bingo, scratch cards and more. There will be more information about these games at a later stage as they are not so popular at this point in time. We want to give the most relevant information for our visitors so the games above gives more relevancy. For you who wants to know more about the smaller games will find this soon on the website.

Summary of casino games

Here on this page we’ve gone through a but about the most popular games that you can play both online and in land based casinos. They are also linked to separate pages here at where you can read more information about the specific game you like. So hopefully you’ve got a bigger insight above what games are offered and good luck with the gambling out there.