Baccarat online

Baccarat is a card game that dates back several hundred years and was in the beginning meant for the higher ranked people in the society. In later years however because of online casinos it has gained an entry for all kinds of people. In the online world the game exists both as an animated 3D version and as live casino.

In this review I’ll go through about how the game came to be, which different forms it’s offered in and much more. So if you’re interested in this, have a look here below.

Online baccarat – how it works

For online baccarat to work there are a few things that has to go together. To start off with there has to be someone who develops the games. This job belongs to the game developers and there are a few different game developers who makes 3D table games but on the live casino side it’s Evolution Gaming who offers this. It’s the biggest game provider of live casino games. Because there are automated table games as well as live with a real person as a dealer, this gives the choice to either sit in peace and quiet and play, or you can be more social and play at a live table.

Then it’s the gambling sites who has to offer the game providers games on their site. It’s then here you’ll register, make deposits & then withdrawals if you manage to win. Once you have an account you can start to play. You can choose your bet level and which kind of baccarat you wish to play. Then it’s just to start gambling really.

Baccarat history

Baccarat is one of the oldest card games that still lives with us today and keeps on being popular. It’s believed that the game was invented in the 15th century of a man called Felix Falguiere. The game was then called “baccara” which is Italian for “zero” because tens and face cards were worth zero. Later on the game was known around the world according to the French pronunciation – baccarat.

The game looked a bit different earlier than what it does in today’s version. The cards were dealt by four dealers, each player had the possibility to be the bank and you could bet against other players as well as the bank. In today’s version there’s then only one dealer and you can choose different bets (player, banker, tie etc).

Later on the game came to France where it was known as “Chemin de Fer” in the beginning. It was here that the game was played by high situated people like kind Charles VIII and his nobles.  It remained a high status game for several hundred years. The game also made it over to England where among others, Ian Fleming learnt to play the game and then created the worlds most known fictive baccarat-player, James Bond. The game spread over the world but never got into casinos the same way slots did. The casinos didn’t care about this and marketed the game for the elite. There was high minimum bets and the tables were hidden in special rooms with nice leather chairs.

It wasn’t until the 1990’s when online casinos were created that the game came with lower minimum bets and the game was made available for the public. Now the game is the most popular casino table game in Asia and is more known across the globe.

Live baccarat

Live baccarat gives a very good game experience no matter where you are. Here you have everything that you can expect from a game online. You’ll play a state of the art casino game where there’s a dedicated live dealer who deals the cards from real decks. There are several cameras that’s rigged in a live casino studio that’s offered by Evolution Gaming. You have different types of games to choose from and different bet limits so you can find something just right for you. There might also be same type of tables, just that there are different dealers so that you can choose whichever you prefer.

Here you get as close to the reality as possible. The sound in the game is perfectly synced with the picture and it’s streamed in HD-quality.

Online Baccarat Baccarat in mobile devices

In later years there’s been a lot of focus on the mobile aspect of casino games or online games. This because the number of users has increased and gone above 50% so that everyone has to have this in mind when they’re creating games etc. Due to this the game developers has started to create all their games as a mobile version as well. At Evolution Gaming you can for example play all their live baccarat games via both your computer, mobile and tablet. All are then fully optimized for phone casino so that you can enjoy the games no matter where you are or which device you’re using.

Also the table games that’s offered are usually available via your mobile as well. There might be exceptions however as earlier with flash-versions you had to create separate mobile versions. Now with HTML5 there’s no need for that as the game adapts to the screen it’s opened with.

Online baccarat with bonus

If you want to boost your deposit with a bonus and then play online baccarat this is possible as well. There are a few different bonuses that gambling sites offers such as welcome bonuses in form of deposit bonuses or free bonuses as well as there are loyalty bonuses. You then have the possibility to use these bonuses to play baccarat with. With a bonus you get more money to play with so that you either can bet bigger amounts or so the money lasts longer. With a bigger bank it can be easier to gamble yourself to a higher amount.

Remember that live casino bonuses can have different terms than regular casino bonuses. You can also play live baccarat with the casino bonuses, but your bets will then count a different percentage towards the wagering requirement. So it’s always important to check terms and conditions before accepting a bonus.

Play free baccarat

If you wish to try and play free baccarat there’s the possibility for this as well. There are a couple of different ways that you can do this. If you wish to play live baccarat or table games with a chance to win real money then it’s a free bonus you want. As a new player at a gambling site who’s focusing on casino or specifically live casino then you can be offered a free bonus to try it out with. There’s for example a free bonus that you can get at Casino Heroes where you as a new customer will be rewarded with £5. With a bonus like this you can then play free baccarat with a chance to win real money.

The other alternative is to play free on the table games but this is done with play money. Most often it’s possible to play for fun on table games to give the players a chance to try it out. To do so you don’t need to have any account. You just need to open up a baccarat game and then click on “Play for fun”. You’ll then get €5000 that you can try the game with and you can press the question mark to read about rules for the table.

Different baccarat games

When it comes to live baccarat there are a few different version to choose between. The table games that’s offered only comes with the alternative to choose the bet level (0,10 – 10, 1 – 100 och 10 – 1000 EUR). The different versions in the live casino gives you more variation and you can choose what suits you the best. That way you can get more excitement or play faster versions to get to play more games during a shorter period of time. This is then what’s offered:

  • Live Baccarat – A really close to real life experience as you can come. The tables are bean-shaped and it’s just like sitting at a real table at an Asian casino. The game comes with extra features as “pairs” side-bet, extra stats and you can see the opponents moves.
  • Squeeze – With over 15 cameras that catches every detail with the game where the actual “squeeze” is done by the dealer. It gives an extra dimension to the game where the cards are dealt face down and is slowly shown by the dealer.
  • Control Squeeze – Here you control yourself when you want to see the cards. You click on the card that you want to see first before the dealer after a while reveals the cards.
  • Speed – This is a fast version just as the name suggests. Normally the usual round in baccarat takes about 48 seconds, but in the speed-version it only takes 27 seconds between the rounds.

There’s also many different side-bets that you can do as per below.

  • Player bonus
  • Banker bonus
  • Perfect pair
  • Either pair
  • Player pair
  • Banker pair

You can always see full information about the game you play if you click on the (i) button inside the game.


Baccarat is then one of the oldest card games that still exists today. It started as a card game for higher ranked people but has been adapted to the public when online casino became popular. The game is in the category of table games together with other popular games like roulette and blackjack. It’s the most popular casino table game in Asia and is big also in the rest of the world. Evolution Gaming offers you several different versions in their live casino to offer an even nicer game experience. You can then try the game with play money on tables games or with a free bonus on the live version before you deposit money to play. A nice card game where you have to think a bit when you’re playing.

Good luck!