Blackjack online

Blackjack online is the most played casino-bank game in the world and together with roulette they stand for a big part of the turnover at different casinos. In this game you should try and get as close to 21 as possible, without going over. You then play against the dealer, or the “bank”, and can either hope that they draw too high cards and gets above 21 or hope that a blackjack is handed out to you on the first two cards (For example 10 or a face card together with an ace). Blackjack online is available as a 3D version (table game) and also as live blackjack, so there are many different blackjack-versions when it comes to online casino.

In the sections below I’ll go through everything that has to do with blackjack so that you’ll get a better insight for the game. So if you want to know more about it, how it works and how it came to be, I’ll go through this here and a lot more.

Online Blackjack – how it works

Online blackjack is really separated into two different parts. On one side you need someone offering the game. They are so called game developers, and on the other side you need a gambling site who will put up the game on their site so that people can play it.

So to start off with there’s game devlopers such as the biggest and most popular in Europe – NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. These companies then has different teams who works with developing table game that works like a slots machine, with a RNG (Random Number Generator). The game can be set to different cards (between 1 – 8) and then the machine will give out cards randomly. Then there’s the live blackjack that they also deliver. This starts with a so called ‘live casino studio‘. There they have a dealer, a blackjack-table and a camera filming both the dealer and table. During the game the cards will be scanned so they’re added to the system and that’s how winnings are handed out. The dealer also integrates with the players all the time at the table. The players are also able to write with each other.

When the game provider has done their part and put everything together, they need to find customers to deliver the games to. This is where the gambling sites comes in to offer games on their site. A customer then can register, make a deposit and then find the game they wan’t to play. If you’re lucky and manage to win, you can then make a withdrawal. You can then sit in peace & quiet to play a 3D table game for example. Or you can get some more action with live blackjack where you have a real person behind the table and other players to play with.

Blackjack history

It’s still a bit unclear exactly when blackjack was invented. There’s an earlier version of the game called ‘twenty-one’. No one really know exactly who started with this. The earliest texts that explains this game was written between 1601-1602 of a Spaniard. The texts describes that the goal was to get 21 points without going above and that an ace counted as 1 or 11. The same as in today’s blackjack. This game was played with a Spanish deck of cards. This is called ‘baraja’ and is missing eights and nines.

When then ‘twenty-one’ was introduced in USA there was a bonus payout to increase the interest. One of these was is you got a hand with ace of spades and a black jack. This was then called a “blackjack” and from there the game got its name. The win for this BJ paid 10 to 1 but was later on removed.

The game is therefore one of the oldest and most popular games that we have in modern times.

Live Blackjack

This is the form of blackjack where you get closest to the reality. Normally there’s 7 seats at a table where you virtually “sits down” to start playing. The tables used are real blackjack-tables as well as there’s a camera rigged in front of it so that you have a “front row seat” and see the whole table and the live dealer. The cards used are real cards from a normal deck of cards. When the cards are drawn they are scanned and are added in the virtual system. Because it’s online you can also bet behind other players already seated. Just like you can in a real land based casino. This is something you do usually when the table is full but you still want to play. You then basically put your own money in someone else’s hand who plays “for” you.

With this form of blackjack you will then get closest to the real game experience. It’s really a lot of technology and money that has paved the way for this. Instead of getting yourself to a land based casino you can instead sit in your underwear at home if you wish to with same game experience. The best is that you can play via ll your devices. No matter if you prefer to play via mobile, computer or tablet that’s no problem.

The biggest game developer within live casino is then Evolution Gaming who only offers live games. Then thereafter it’s NetEnt who offers everything from live games to slots to table games.

Blackjack online Blackjack in mobile devices

If you are a player online who prefers to play via your mobile or tablet then this is the section for you. Nowadays there’s a high percentage who plays via their mobile devices. Over 50% to give you an indication of how many it actually is. With this high number that’s only been increasing the last years, it means adaption for the gambling sites. Also the game developers needs to adapt and make mobile versions of their games. Earlier they were forced to make both a desktop and a mobile version when Flashplayer was the software. Now though there’s HMTL5 format which makes it easier for everyone. With HTML5-developed games the game itself will adapt to the window it’s opened via. So there’s only one version of the games needed as well as all games becomes available in all devices.

It’s therefore very easy to play blackjack via your mobile or tablet no matter where you are.

Online Blackjack with bonus

If you want to play online blackjack with a bonus then it’s possible to do so in some different ways. The different gambling sites usually have different welcome bonuses for their new customers. Some focuses more on live casino / table games and more specifically, on blackjack. These bonuses are then live casino bonuses and usually comes with a higher wagering than casino bonuses. This as blackjack is seen as a more skill-based game than regular slots. On the regular bonuses the live casino or table games usually counts 10-25% of the wagering depending on the bonus terms. With a live casino bonus your bets usually counts 100% towards the wagering.

There’s both free bonuses and bonus after deposit to get. For example Casino Heroes will give you £5 for free to try the casino with. Then there’s other sites who has pure deposit bonuses meant only for live casino. On top of this there’s also campaigns to get as a loyal customer and in loyalty programs where there’s even more bonuses. So if you want to play blackjack online with a bonus then there’s many alternatives for you.

Play free Blackjack

Have you not tried blackjack before but would like to do so for free? No problem, there are a few ways that you can do so with. To start off with you can try most animated 3D table games for free. To do this you don’t need any account registered anywhere and usually you can do this on the game providers own websites as well. You just need to open the game in “play-mode” and you’ll get a start amount in play money to try everything with. You can place bets on several seats if you want to, and then the cards will be dealt out. Then you can take more cards, double, split or stay on your hands. That way you get a good knowledge about the game and the only thing that differs is that you won’t win real money.

If you want to have the chance to win real money there’s also opportunities for this. Unlike the example above, the free bonuses here gives you the chance to play both table games and live blackjack. What you need to do is to find sites who will give you free bonuses in the live casino. If you’re then not already a customer, you signup and get your free bonus to start play with. If you then manage to wager the bonus 100% you can then make a withdrawal. You then get to play free blackjack at the same time as you can win money.

Different Blackjack games

There are also different blackjack games because it’s a traditional card game so it’s been recreated around the world. Most of these types hasn’t been adapted for casino however. But I thought that it could be worth to go through anyway in case you run into these versions sometime.

  • Spanish 21 – This game gives the players many liberal blackjack-rules as for example ‘double down’ on all different cards. Here you also have a chance to save or only give up one of your bets to the bank. There’s a bonus payout for five or more cards; 21’s, 6-7-8 21’s, 7-7-7 21’s, then at a fold. The players blackjack always wins here. This as there are no tens in the deck.
  • Vegas Style – This game is available in California. The rules here is that you don’t always lose if you go above 21. If the dealer goes above on the same number, there’s a push. But normally the dealer has to go above your number for it to be a push.
  • Double Exposure – The two first cards for the dealer are dealt face up. Blackjack here pays even money and players loses on same numbers as the dealer. Here it’s not possible for insurance as both dealers cards are dealt face up.
  • Double Attack – Is very similar to the usual blackjack but you have a chance to increase your bet after you’ve seen the dealers first card that’s shown (one card is dealt face down). Blackjacks here pays even money.
  • Blackjack Switch – This version of the game is played over two hands where the other cards that’s dealt are possible to change. If you for example get the cards 10-6 and 5-10 you can change cards so your hand becomes 10-10 or 6-5. Blackjacks here are paid 1 to 1 instead or the normal 3 to 2 and if the dealer gets 22 it’s a push.
  • Super Fun 21 – Here the players are allowed to split a hand up to four times. If a player has six cards totaling 20 you’ll win automatically and the wins pays 1 to 1.

Therefore there are some special versions of blackjack.


Blackjack is then one of the oldest card games that’s remained popular for 400 years which is very unusual. This shows that the game is very fun to play and people will continue to try and beat the game as they have since the game was introduced. You can then play blackjack online both on animated 3D table games as well as live with real dealers. If you wish to try the game you can do so for free with play money or get a free bonus from a gambling site who offers this. You find blackjack on old gambling sites and new casinos out there. I thank you for your attention and wish you good luck with the gambling!