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Live casino online

Live casino online is about getting the land based experience of casino directly in your mobile, tablet or computer. On this page you will find more information about live casino, how it works and where you can play live casino games such as roulette and blackjack.

So if you want to play different table games at real tables with real dealers in real time, check the sites below to get started right away. The gambling sites you’ll find below are best for live casino by campaigns, game selection and security.

Live Casino Live casino – how it works

If you are new in the gambling world online or maybe haven’t tried live casino before, we will go through how it works below. Live casino is a product that’s grown lately and is offered on almost all gambling sites who’s offering casino games online. It’s a relatively new product that was launched as the technology and the gambling industry grew quickly. Different game providers were born who focused 100% on live casino technology and games who in return gave gambling sites the possibility to run live games on their sites.

It’s not easy and certainly not cheap as a gambling site to startup a casino who offers live games.  To deliver this product the following is needed for example:

  • Large facilities with space for several roulette, blackjack and other table games.
  • Best possible technology with computers, cameras, sensors and different to have it running in real time.
  • More live dealers who can handle the different games, bosses, technicians and managers. So it’s a large amount of staff needed.

Only the three points above would cost too much for a single casino site to setup. So out of this grew operators who has a mission of going all in on live casino. One of the most popular companies in Europe is Evolution Gaming who were the first to go big on the live casino product. This company is nowadays on the stock market and has a market value or over 20 billion SEK (about 1,7 billion GBP)  right now. So it’s easy to understand the size in live casino.

So to tie this together and explain how it works you then have the possibility to play roulette and blackjack in real time with real dealers on real tables directly via computer, mobile and tablet.

Live casino offers

There are many different live casino offers to use at different gambling sites. Among things you can participate in different competitions with big price money, test roulette free, win prices and get several bonuses. It’s far from common to get live casino bonuses if you compare to casino bonuses for slots. But sometimes there are actually bonuses to get that’s specially adapted specifically for live games.  A tip is to check the campaign site to see if there’s a live casino bonus to activate.

When a gambling site sees that you mainly sees that you play live games there’s a possibility to get adapted offers who suits specifically for table games. Sometimes it’s also offered a certain percentage of cashback that gives you money back should you lose. It’s also possible to gather points and use different loyalty program-rewards. To summarize there’s many different campaigns that’s good for live casino players.

Live casino bonus

Sometimes there can be a live casino bonus to use in different offers. Mostly the gambling sites offers different bonuses in welcome offers and the normal bonuses will count 0% of the wagering if you’re playing table games which makes it impossible to wager the bonus. So some sites has chosen to separate the offer and offer bonuses depending on what the player prefers to play. Either you can play slots or live games such as roulette and blackjack. That way all different players could use deposit bonuses to their favorite products.

You usually find these bonuses in welcome packages, loyalty programs, on-site campaigns and in offers that the gambling site sends out via email or SMS. So there are many ways for you to play with a live casino bonus. Here on this page we list some gambling sites who offers such bonuses, so take a look in the list above and you’ll find bonuses.

Live casino in different devices

With today’s technology you can play live casino in all different devices. This means that you can see live dealers in real time in your mobile, tablet and computer and that way be able to play different live casino games no matter where you are. To play you first need to be at least 18 years old, have an account at a gambling site, a smartphone, tablet or computer and an internet connection. Then it’s just for you to find the tab for live casino and start to play the different games offered. It’s not harder than this to get a really near real-life casino experience as possible.

The popularity around games in mobile devices constantly increases. Especially in mobile casino and casino in tablets. No matter if you like to play slots or table games it’s possible to play them in mobile devices. So you just have to enjoy the technology that makes all of this work. It’s not much to say about this more than it’s simply is very easy to play live casino at most gambling sites who has a mobile adapted site.  Want to add that almost all sites has optimized sites for mobile and tablet nowadays.

Live casino vs land based casino

The fight between land based casinos and live casinos could be a long one if you start to dig into pros/cons between the two alternatives. The clear advantage with live casino online is the simplicity to access the games. You can play from all the worlds corners if you have an internet connection and a gambling account. The best thing with land based casinos is of course the social part and the game experience you get. So the winner is split depending on who you’re asking and what you’re looking for.

It’s hard to hide that land based casinos has lost a lot of turnover due to the online casino industry has grown so rapidly the last few years. Many land based casinos actually has launched their own websites who delivers their own live casino solution. So it looks like online casino will win the fight of where the biggest turnover will be going forward.

Live casino – Lucky wheel

The lucky wheel is the classic game in land based casinos but isn’t as visible online. This has however changed lately and now there’s a possibility to play lucky wheels live via webcam in the live casino. This casino game is best to play in the live casino and gives possibilities to big winnings and fun entertainment. The whole concept is about a dealer spinning the wheel and you get to place money on where you think it will stop. A very simple game to understand. So if you feel lucky it can be fun to try some spins on the lucky wheel. You’re also able to write to the dealer and that way have a fun conversation.

Live Casino 2018 Live casino 2018

We will see a continued increase of live casino during 2018. This as the interest has grown each year since it was first launched. Now we can see the game providers creating new contracts with more and more gambling sites. This work together with an increasing number of players will contribute to an increased popularity around live casino games.

This is of course very good for everyone who prefers to play live on different gambling sites. Among other things we’ll see better and more bonuses plus some games will get better and smoother. Then there will be other campaigns, competitions and other pros that will favour live players.

Some gambling sites also has full focus on the live product as it’s a growing product. So 2018 and going forward will be really good!


On this page you’ll find all information about live casino and how it works. You’ll find out where you can play it and what you should think about. We hope that you got some useful information from here or at least a nice offer at some of the sites that’s listed here. The sites in the list above are chosen as they are safe and secure  and has a good live game offering.

Good luck with the gambling!