Roulette online

Roulette online is something that’s been around for quite a while and is one of the most popular table games. There are different types of roulette that could have different rules than standard roulette. It exists as a live game and as a 3D game, also called table game. With this you’ll get as close to a real life experience possible while playing online.

Here below I’ll cover everything that has to do with roulette online to do. Everything from how you play to roulette history so come along if you want to know more about this popular game type.

Online Roulette – how it works

When it comes to how online roulette works there are a few different things to consider. To start off with we then have the game providers who are the ones who makes it possible to offer the games online. They have so called live casino studios in different countries where they have dedicated live dealers who has responsibility over their own table. The studio is rigged with several different cameras to give you several camera angles for the ultimate game experience. You then put your bets online that’s registered in the system and the dealer then spins the wheel. Then when the ball lands and the result is known, a state of the art system will register the result and hands out the winnings to the players with right number.

But the games has to be played from somewhere as well. It’s then the casino sites who covers this part in online roulette as it’s through them you play. You first register an account and makes a deposit. Then it’s just to find a table that feels right for you and thereafter it’s just to start placing your bets. Are you then a lucky winner you can simply make a withdrawal.

Roulette history

Here we’ll go through a bit of the roulette’s history to look back at how it all started. Roulette was invented in the 18th century and means “little wheel” in French. Some interesting facts that many might know is that all numbers that’s on a roulette-wheel (0-36) becomes 666 in total (the number of the beast). The legend says that François Blanc made a deal with the devil to find out the secrets to roulette.

In late 1790’s the single zero had a red colour and the double zero black colour. The colour was then changed to green in the beginning of the 1800’s to avoid confusion and it’s this colour that’s still being used.

In the 1860’s gambling was banned in Germany and Louise Blanc then took the last legal casino in Europe to Monte Carlo together with his family where they started a new gambling paradise for Europe’s elites. It was then here the version of the game with one zero became so popular. During the following years this form of the game was exported to the rest of the world. But in USA the double zero remained the most popular version.

Cheating became all more common in USA as the game found its way towards the west parts of the country. It was because of this that the roulette-wheel was put on top of the table to prevent devices being mounted and hidden on the wheel or under the table, and the layout was simplified as well.

It was first in the 1970’s that casinos started to pop up around the world as earlier there was only casinos worth noting in Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. In 2008 there was several hundred different land based casinos offering the game.

Live Roulette

Live roulette is the form of the game that’s probably the most nice one. This as you can play no mater where you are, no matter which device you’re playing via. Here you virtually sit down at a table where you can play together with other players as well as a live dealer. Most tables are equipped with multiple cameras in a live casino studio so that you get several angles. You then have the chance to choose your dealer, which level you want to play at and even country-based tables. Tables in different languages are offered by both NetEnt and Evolution Gaming. Evolution Gaming is the biggest live roulette game provider with over 10 different forms of it.

While you’re gambling you can integrate with the other players as well as the dealer at the table. Normally you’ll be greeted welcome to the table and then the dealer happily talks to you while the game is running. This is then as close to reality that you can come while playing online casino.

Roulette in mobile devices

Games online via your phone or tablet is something that’s become more and more popular the last few years. Earlier around 2010 there was around or lower than 20% who played via their phone. Nowadays this percentage is above 50% so the game developers and gambling sites has had to adapt to this. The most gambling sites therefore has a mobile site, also called phone casino as well as apps that you can download and play roulette via mobile. This is then made possible as full focus from the game providers is at adapting all their games for mobile devices. With for example games from Evolution Gaming you can play all their forms of roulette, except for two, via your mobile, computer and tablet.

Roulette online mobile

It’s therefore possible to play regular table games that’s animated 3D-games as well as live roulette via all your devices. Some games are even available to play via a smart-TV.

There’s therefore a big focus on offering games via all different devices so that you that way can enjoy roulette games no matter where you are as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Online Roulette with bonus

Normally gambling sites and especially new casinos offer you one or several bonuses when you register as a new customer. This gives you the chance to get a certain percentage extra on your deposit so that you have a bigger amount money to play with. The bonuses usually comes with a wagering requirement that has to be fulfilled before you can make a withdrawal of the money. The most online casinos who has online roulette usually has bonus terms where live casino only counts 10-25% of the wagering. But this is usually for normal casino bonuses. There are then a few casinos where there are special live casino bonuses. On those the percentage usually counts 100% towards the wagering, but the wagering requirement could be higher than the normal casino bonuses. This as online roulette is a more skill-based game than normal slots.

If you’re interested in these bonuses you can check our best offers here below.

Play free roulette

The most gambling sites offers roulette-games in form of table games with play money. You don’t need to register an account to try it out as it works the same way as with slots. You get a certain amount of money, usually €5000 to play with, then you can try to place some bets and see how it all works. This is then not available on the live roulette but only on the animated table game.

If you want to try roulette for real this is also possible on some gambling sites. There are a few who focuses very much on promoting live casino and therefore you’ll get a bonus to try it out. At Casino Heroes you’ll get £5 for free as a new customer that you can try the roulette with. Then there’s also other sites who would offer you similar offers such as this. With free bonuses like these you can then play free roulette.

Different roulette games

As roulette has become one of the most popular games in live casino and table games, a lot of different types of the game has arrived because of this. Here there are tweaked forms of roulette so that the players can choose themselves. See below what there is to choose among.

  • European – This is the most common form with numbers from 0-36 and only one zero. Usually roulette-rules applies here.
  • Speed – An automatic version that requires no dealer. The bets are placed while the ball is spinning to save “dead time” and then has up to 50% shorter rounds.
  • Live Double Ball – A nice version that fires two balls per round and will give two wins each round.
  • French – Works about the same way that European roulette does but there’s a special “La Partage” rule. If you bet an even amount of money and the ball lands on the zero you’ll only lose half your bet. It becomes like a small insurance if you don’t succeed.
  • Mini Live – A smaller version of the normal table that allows you to keep several tables open at the same time.
  • American – The American version that has two zeroes instead of only one.
  • Slingshot Auto – This version is completely automatic and requires no dealer. The table will fire the ball and catch it for the next round fully automatic. Can play up to 60 – 80 games an hour.

There’s therefore very much to choose from depending on what you prefer.


The roulette is one of the most common forms of live casino and table games. Here you can either sit and enjoy the loneliness while playing, or you can play live casino and integrate with both the live dealer or other players. With state of the art systems there are many nice game experiences to get. There are many different forms of roulette nowadays so that you can play what you prefer yourself. If you’re looking for a place to play some nice roulette-games at we’ve got many sites for you.