Slots online

Slots online is a very popular casino product that is as sought after online as on land based casinos. When you play online casino you’ll find thousands of different slots from different game providers, so there’s a big selection of slots.

On this page you’ll find more information about these machines as well as we will be showing you a chart of gambling sites who doesn’t just have a wide selection of games, but also deliver the best welcome offers and value to their players.

What is a slot

A slot or slots machine as they’re also called in land based casinos is a casino game that’s based on different wheels, themes and symbols. They are based on different bet lines and you can play on 1 to several thousands lines in some slots. Then it’s about to hit the right symbols on the right line(s) to win. The different symbols are worth differently and the most valuable symbols are also the most rare.  Below you’ll find some functions concerning slots:


  • Slots contains different lines and symbols and you can decide how many lines you want to play on in some machines.
  • There are also slots with special functions as bonus rounds and free spins rounds where you have a chance to win more than in the normal game.
  • All games has an information button inside the game where you can see what all symbols are worth, what it takes to activate special features and which lines you’ll win on.
  • You can increase and lower the stake plus the coin value. The size of the bet doesn’t effect the payout percentage.
  • Usually the payout percentage is around 95-98% depending on the slot.
  • You can win a jackpot in games with a progressive jackpot.
  • There are thousands of different slots to play from many different game providers.

If you have tried or seen a slot online before you already know how it works. The best is to try games to see with your own eyes how it works. You can play with both free money and with real money. If you want to try for free then the best is to find free spins without deposit.  Check our free spins page for hundreds of free spins no deposit to play directly.

Slots in mobile devices

Many are probably already familiar with that it’s possible to play all sorts of games in mobile & tablet and the same goes for slots. Nowadays almost all games are launched as a touch version which means they work in phone casinos. The trend points upwards when it comes to games in mobile which is understandable when you look at how the technology has developed. Phones and tablets has replaced computers on many levels. Many people don’t even use or have a computer in their home anymore. This is something that the gambling companies has foreseen and adapted thereafter. That means that us players can play hundreds of slots in mobile version.

So if you’re a mobile player you’ll be able to enjoy hundreds of games in phone and tablet. Then if we look forward it’ll just keep getting better as the games and the mobile sites gets more developed and more slots are launched in touch version.

Special features in slot machines

There are several different special features that you can get in slots. Below are some of these features that you can hit and short about what they mean.

  • Free spins features: You can reach a free spins feature in different slots that means that you get X amount of spins without using your own money. This feature could also come with a multiplier, wild symbols and extra features for increased winning chances.
  • Bonus feature: This feature lets you enter the bonus game if you hit the right symbols. Here there are several different themes where you can get to different levels and that way win big money.
  • Random features: Here you can get extra value through random features in some games. They fall completely random and payout depending on how they hit.
  • Sticky wilds: Get wilds symbols that gets stuck on the screen in different places and replaces all symbols to increased win chances.

Then there are several other features that can happen while playing different slots online. So a tip is to check the information button in the different games you still don’t know how they work yet. You can also try them with play money first in offline-mode.

Free spins in slots

If you like free spins it’s possible to play these on many different slots. When new games are launched usually the sites and the game providers wants players to try them. To offer free rounds as a campaign in connection to the launch of the slot usually gives good results. This is something that us players can look forward to when a new game has launched. Especially when the games comes from big game providers like NetEnt and Yggdrasil Gaming.

Therefore it could be good to keep a track of when new slots are launched. Here at we always watch what’s happening and in case there are some casino news with games and free spins campaigns.

Bonuses in slots

When you’re playing with a bonus or rather bonus money, usually you sometimes can’t play some of the slots machines. This is because you exclude some games in the bonus terms. It can also be that the wagering is counted much lower depending on the game. Therefore it’s important to know a bit what applies when playing with casino bonuses online. A tip is to check terms and conditions for the bonus you want to activate to see what applies.

Most bonuses will work in slots but no so often in table games. There’s a bunch of different bonuses to get in different campaigns that are adapted for different slots. You can also use bonuses in mobile slots machines which means that you can play with a bonus in hundreds of different machines which is very appreciated by players.

Jackpot slots

If you’re looking for the big win then there are several slots with progressive jackpots. Most often there are several different jackpots in the different games; a mini, a medium and a big one. It’s much bigger chance to win the smaller jackpot and a very small chance to win the big jackpots. Some of the popular jackpot games are Mega Fortune Dreams, Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah and Hall of Gods. It’s actually Mega Fortune that has the Guinness World Record in biggest jackpot won that was at an astonishing 17.8 million euro.

It’s also possible to play jackpot slots in mobile & tablet which has become more and more popular. The progressive jackpots will always be big as the wagering all the time increases. So if you’re looking for the big win then there are many games to try.  We recommend to play at UK casinos to guarantee that you won’t get any problems with payouts of large winnings.

Classic slots

classic slotsFor you who doesn’t like the new slots with cool graphics, different themes and features that sometimes could be difficult to understand, there’s also classic slots. These has been around for a long time, actually before all modern slots that’s launched and will surely stay forever. Most of the classic slots has a joker theme and are of a simpler model with less win lines and they’re easier to understand. It’s also possible to win nice wins on these machines, but not as bit as on many others.

If you are interested in classic slots there’s usually a category for this or a filter at the gambling sites. It’s of course possible to find these games in mobile devices which is good. So use the filters, menus or simply search for it when you’re looking for classic slots.

Return To Player

The return to player (RTP) is something that could be good to know about as it lets you know how much payback the slot has. Most often the game providers will list this on their websites so that players can know what applies for the games. This is something that active players usually wants to know as they wager a lot of money in the long run. So they will look for as high return to player as possible. This really doesn’t matter that much as this is measured on millions of spins. So it doesn’t matter as much if you as a player will spin a few hundred spins here and there.

The average return to player usually is between 96-97% in the most slots but could also be higher or lower. If you are interested in the payback it’s best to visit the game developers websites for information about specific games.

Summary of slots

On this page you find information about slots online. It’s one of the most popular type of games there are and very many campaigns are based around different games. New slots and new casinos are launched all the time and it’s a good mix for us players. So it will be interesting to follow all game developers to see what they can offer in the future. Good luck with the spinning out there!