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Freespins is very popular for UK players online and has many different names. In UK these are called free rounds, casino spins freespins, extra spins, freebies, or free spins. Despite having many names they all mean the same thing, that you can play casino for free in different slots at gambling sites who offers online casino.

We have created a chart below where we show you where you both free spins no deposit and on deposit All offers usually include casino bonuses as well and works in all different devices, which means that you can play casino no matter where you are.

Free spins 2018

During 2018 we’re expecting a lot of free spins from all different online casinos. The gambling sites improves their welcome offers, removes the wagering, improved their loyalty program as well as focusing more on new players and already registered users. All of this brings more value for us players and it’s mainly about getting more freespins to spin. There’s always new gambling sites who gives out freespins as well as older sites also keeps giving out free rounds to all players. You will find freebies in all from the welcome offer to the loyalty program and email campaigns from the gambling companies. All this to entertain and get new players during 2018.

So 2018 will be an amazing year for everyone who likes freespins. Here at we will make sure to all the time update our offers and list the best campaigns on the site. So you’re welcome to come back several times during 2018 to find new freespins campaigns to several different sites.

freespins Free spins no deposit

Free spins no deposit is something that we find at many gambling sites nowadays and it means that you get to try different slots without a deposit. Most often it’s between 10 – 50 no deposit free spins that new players gets upon registration. Because it’s so popular we have chosen to list the best gambling sites in our freespins-chart that gives players extra spins upon registration. Because what’s better than to try and play slots for free to get a feel for the site?  The absolute best is that all free offers listed here on this site works both in computer, tablet and in phone.

  • Get lots of free spins no deposit offers
  • Play them in all different devices
  • Some of the freespins are also completely wager free

There’s a lot to say about free casino, but since our slogan is “experience casino” we think that our visitors should experience it instead. If you want to check out other free offers we can recommend who offers free bingo bonuses.

Feel free to check out our freespins offers above and spin without a deposit.

How casino free spins works

Casino free spins is something that you get in welcome offers or campaigns at different gambling sites online. Freespins are free round on slots which gives the player the possibility to win real money as well as try out the casino. Very many gambling sites gives no deposit free spins to players who signup which means you get to play for free. Freebies is without a doubt the most popular campaign that gambling sites uses and is very sought after by players. Some different ways to get casino free spins:

  • Register on gambling sites and get signup freespins.
  • Use deposit campaigns that’s offering free rounds.
  • Buy them in different loyalty stores.
  • Win freebies from different competitions.
  • Get spins in new games that’s launched from the game providers.
  • Email send-outs and campaign sites directly from the gambling sites.

An example of how freespins works: You get 20 free rounds in a specific game when you register an account. Then you just have to complete the registration, open up this game and start to spin. All winnings that you get from these free rounds are turned into real money. It works the same with free spins on deposit, you make a deposit and activate X amount of free rounds in some slots machine. Something that can be good to remember is that winnings from freebies are usually connected to a wagering requirement. But there are also spins without a wagering requirement.

Free Spins tablet Casino freespins in mobile & tablet

To play casino in mobile and tablet is very popular which means that gambling sites usually offers free spins that works in all devices. That means that you can play free spins no deposit and freespins on deposit directly in your phone or tablet. Almost all free rounds are played in slots that’s created for mobile devices. This is something that we’ve gotten along the time and all big game developers works frequently with delivering as good games as possible in touch version.

Nowadays there are hundreds unique slots and casino games available for mobile devices and this number grows quickly for each month. With that being said, we’re convinced that it’ll be a lot of focus on mobile campaigns which opens up for more casino freespins for us players.

If you want to try free spins in mobile or tablet it’s very easy to do so. You just need to visit a gambling site who has a freespins offer via the mobile browser. That way you will get directly to the mobile version of the gambling site where you can make everything from deposits & withdrawals to playing free rounds in different games. All free spins offers you find here at works in mobile browsers and downloadable apps.

Freespins on deposit

Most free rounds are activated upon a deposit. So if you like freespins it could be good to prepared to do some deposits here and there to maximize the value. Free spins on deposit are usually given in welcome offers but also other campaigns. There are several campaigns directly on the sites and also it’s often sent out many freespins campaigns via email and sometimes SMS. So if you’ve used the welcome offer and gotten freespins on deposit, there’s always more to get at almost all UK casinos.  Remember to check the campaign site on the sites you’re playing at to find more free rounds.

It’s also possible to get lots of free rounds through special campaigns to your email. Today’s gambling sites sends out a lot of campaigns to their players, both active and inactive. This is something called CRM and almost all sites has one or several responsible people within CRM. So there’s a lot of campaigns launched that offers free spins.  Most often it’s about making a deposit in order to get these freebies.

Below you can find three examples of gambling sites who gives you free rounds on deposit.

Freespins wagering requirement

What we know when it comes to both bonuses and freespins is that they often comes with something called wagering requirement. It means that the extra money that you get from a bonus or in this case from freebies, needs to be wagered X amount of times before you can withdraw the money. If you then for example get 20 free spins after registering an account and you win £2.50. Then it’s these £2.50 that needs to be wagered X amount of times before you can withdraw the money.

At some gambling sites there are freespins without a wagering requirement which means that you get to do whatever you want with the winnings. Otherwise the wagering requirement varies most of the time between 20 – 50 X the winnings. That’s why it’s good the check terms and conditions for the freespins campaigns that you activate. If you want to play casino for free you might not need to focus on that so much but instead make sure to find as many freebies as possible. Whatever you want to do we meet your needs and list everything from no deposit free spins and no wagering.

Play and drop the wagering requirement

Above you’ll find information about wagering requirement on freespins but did you also know that you can play lots of free rounds without having to wager a pound on your winnings? This is possible with wager free freebies. You can therefore spin as usual with different freespins campaigns and then do whatever you want with the winnings. This is very attractive and is usually offers in smaller amounts than usual free rounds. Wager free spins was born as the competition grew stronger. The gambling sites are all the time forced to optimize their offers and make them more attractive for players. That way we get more and more campaigns out there where the wagering requirement is removed. Something that is welcomed by all players out there.

If we look forward we will see more and more similar campaigns when it comes to freebies. So for us players there’s only more positive things to expect and lower wagering on our free rounds.

Daily Freespins today Freespins today

Many players are looking for daily casino spins that’s possible to play today and these are called freespins today. It’s about sites offering daily freespins-campaigns that you can take part of or simply new welcome offers that gives freespins that you can play directly. Today’s sites actually gives a lot of freespins today to their players.

You find out about these from different forums, directly on the website or in email send-outs. There are some sites who has daily campaigns directly on the site where players can take part of free rounds in different games during different days.

One example is that during December when all gambling sites has their Christmas calendars, there’s plenty of daily free spins. If you have an interest for freespins today then can advise you to signup on several different gambling sites and then take part in all campaigns that’s offered on the site and in their welcome offers. Then also to keep an eye out for special campaigns sent to your email.

Free spins in NetEnt slots

Some of the most common slots machines to play free spins in is NetEnt’s slots. Many of the most popular games are from NetEnt and gambling sites therefore usually gives out NetEnt freespins to players. The best thing with NetEnt is that they have optimized very many games for mobile and tablet. That way you can get both campaigns and free rounds in computer as well as mobile.

NetEnt is one of the biggest game providers and will also be so going forward. With that there’s all the time new games and new free rounds to these slots machines. So you can expect to play lots of free rounds in slots from this game developer.

Freespins at different providers

Today there are many different game providers such as NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming, Play’n GO, Quickspin, Microgaming and many more. It’s possible to play freespins on almost all different games from most game providers. It’s all really about setting up the spins in the selected game. The most common this is to find these rounds in NetEnt games. But there are many sites who chooses to give free rounds in other games from other providers. The best thing is when you get to choose the game yourself, which you can do in different loyalty programs where you buy free spins for point or coins that you’ve gathered while playing.

So keep an eye out for this in loyalty points and in different welcome packages. This will have you find free rounds from several different game providers.

Super Spins

Super spins is something that becomes all more popular at gambling sites online. They are simply freespins but with a higher value. A free spin is really just a free round on the lowest bet level compared to super spins that can have much higher bet level per spin. That way you as a player really can win lots of money from the free rounds as a super spin can be worth £1 or more per spin. Some games can payout more than 1000 X your bet so it can give a really nice win.

You find super spins in different welcome offers but mainly in loyalty programs. It works like that you have a possibility to get super spins in loyalty shops or in different levels in the loyalty program. They of course cost more but has an interesting upside if you’re lucky. So if you’d rather see the chance to win but, it could be worth checking out different loyalty programs to see if they offer super spins.

Freespins 2017

Freespins during 2017 has never looked better and players could expect a lot of free rounds during the year. This is something that also applies for the future. The interest for online casino has really grown a lot lately and many new casinos launches all the time. This also means more welcome offers and campaigns on the gambling sites and that way we get more freespins to play. On this site you will find the latest freespins-campaigns that was for 2017. So why not checkout the list above to find lots of free spins actual for the year.

2017 is the best free spins year and it will be interesting to see what next year has to offer.

Freespins tips from

If you don’t already know exactly everything about freespins already it can be good to get some tips that helps you maximize the value as a player. There’s always some smart ways to get some extra out of the free rounds that’s offered. Below are some points that might help you out.Freespins Tips

  1. Think about not to just checkout the welcome offer but also the sites campaign site for extra freespins-campaigns.
  2. Always use the free spins that’s offered in the welcome offer even if it requires a deposit. Usually it’s only a minimum deposit to get hundreds of free rounds. This will make it worth it.
  3. If you’re a customer a several sites you will be able to use several campaigns. Also send-outs from gambling sites can contain freespins.
  4. Another tip is to check terms and conditions for the spins you’re activating so you know what applies.
  5. Checkout as there will be several freespins-offers here on this page.

Now it’s just to start to spins away out there and hope for some nice winnings.

Summary of freespins

Freespins is something that many really enjoy and it’s something that will always be around. Here on this page there’s a lot of information about everything to do with free spins. You’ll find a chart with hundreds of free rounds at many different gambling sites. So here at you can experience lots of “slots action” as you get to play several different slots.

Good luck with the spins!