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We see new casinos in UK every now and then as more and more goes big for online casino and other games online. It’s a popular market and many gambling companies has succeeded very well in just a few years which makes the interest big and that brings along a lot of new uk casinos and gambling sites.

Below we take a closer look at everything concerning new casinos so that you as a player can get more information as well as we listing some nice welcome offers that you can use right away.

New UK Casinos New casinos in UK

The UK gambling market is really big and that’s why many companies starts up new uk casinos online. It’s more common now in recent years and you could see that during 2016 and 2017 there was really good activity and hundreds of casinos started up. All sites don’t reach out to the UK market as they might be more focused towards other markets. So it can be difficult to keep a track of which sites that’s launched plus it can be difficult to know if these sites are 100% serious and safe for players. Here on this page we’ll make sure to show some of the best casinos there are. You can feel safe with the options we list here on this page.

The best thing with new uk casinos is that everything is new. New welcome offers to use, new campaigns and sometimes new loyalty programs. That way it can be interesting to try new casinos with free spins and casino bonuses in different welcome offers. In the future we will just see more and more casino sites popping up all the time.

New casinos 2018

There will certainly be many new casinos online launching during 2018. The reason to this is that the gambling market is very lucrative and tempts new investors and companies to start new uk casinos online. If you take a look at 2016 and 2017 there was hundreds of new gambling sites as well as many new casino games which really proves how big the market is. Then it’s not just new investors and companies, but also old gambling companies opens up new uk casinos too. So there’s new sites from right and left from all gambling companies.

It’s important to know a bit what kind of casinos that’s launching as all of these are not 100% serious. So here at we will only show you new uk casinos that also has the safety required. 2018 will give you as a player lots of new welcome offers and we will list them here on this page.

New casinos 2017

2017 offers a lots of interesting new uk casinos from several different gambling companies. Something that’s most noticeable is Gaming Innovation Groups new site, It’s one of the biggest gambling company in Europe who’s for the first time launches new uk casinos with focus in high rollers. On top of this there was also other new casino sites from other companies and it brings a good value to us players. On new casinos online you always get to use the new welcome offer. So 2017 really delivers when it comes to that.

It wasn’t only sunshine over new casinos but there was some sites who didn’t succeed and not so serious sites. But in general most of the new gambling sites are worth to try out and 2017 is one of the best years for us casino players in all different ways.

New Casinos in mobile New uk casinos in mobile devices

New uk casinos will be launched all the time as long as the online casino industry exists and nowadays we have an amazing technology that gives players the opportunity to play casino in phone and tablet. With that said, all new casinos will work excellent in all mobile devices that’s somewhat modern.

Something that’s also positive is that almost all offers in form of free spins and casino bonuses also works in mobile devices.

The most new gambling sites can also offer a wide selection of games from all different game providers. This as they usually are on a platform who in their turn have a contract with most providers. Some of the game providers that’s available at new gambling sites in mobile are NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming, Evolution Gaming and Quickspin.

So there’ll always be a wide selection of games at new gambling sites that works in the mobile version of the site.

If you want to play mobile casino you can actually try all new uk casinos that’s launched for the UK market. Then there’s always some sites that’s better than other in all different ways. So you just have to try different sites to find the best alternative.

What’s positive with new casinos

There are a lot of positive thing with new casinos. The first thing we think about is new welcome offers in form of free spins and bonuses. Many probably sees their chance of using a new deposit bonus and get new campaigns. When it comes to the selection of games it’s not a big difference between casinos as most delivers games from same game providers. Something that’s positive with new casinos is their focus on loyalty programs. Many casinos that’s launched understands that they needs to be a bit different or come with something new. That’s why we sometimes see new casinos launching unique and innovative loyalty programs that can give players extra value.

Then it’s really about what you think yourself is important with a gambling site. Many thinks differently but something you always should do is to take part of the welcome offers and test the new sites.

What’s negative with new casinos

Something there might be negative things about new casinos as not all companies who launches new sites has the experience required. You can say that some are a bit too eager to get started so they might not deliver overall. Some examples of this is how much money the site has behind it to payout big wins or invest in campaigns. Then there are sites who might now have the best game selection or not very modern sites. So the game experience can be worse on a new casino if they don’t have a good design/technology.

Something else that can be less good is the customer support and the wagering. Some sites might need to have high wagering on the sites bonuses and free spins.  So there are a few things to think about when it comes to new casinos.

Offers at new online casinos Offers at new gambling sites

Bonuses and different offers is always popular when it comes to different games online. With that in mind, new uk casinos focuses extra on everything from welcome to loyalty bonuses. It’s there very important for players with 1. Welcome offer, as few players signup at a new casino without being interested of this. 2. Future campaigns and eventual loyalty programs. That way you know as a player that you get offers in the beginning but also after the welcome offer.

The difference between the offers at new and older casinos isn’t that big. Many times newly launched sites offers bigger bonuses to bring in new players. This doesn’t have to be positive as the terms around it can be difficult. So it’s important to read terms & conditions for offers you activate. The best thing is to try different casinos to find what’s best for you.

The choice – new or old casinos

Above you can see some positive and negative things with new casinos and gambling sites. So what should yo choose as a player? There’s probably not a correct answer for this question and the best thing to do is to choose gambling site accordingly to what you think is important. New casinos are always interesting and can actually be better than many older sites. Then there are big and stable old sites that might feel safer and better in many ways. So then we get back again to what you as a player expects from a gambling site.

The best is probably to try new uk casinos and see what you think about it. It won’t hurt to have several accounts spread out on several gambling sites to get campaigns and benefits from several places.  So the tip is therefore to play on both new and old casinos.

Summary of new uk casinos

New uk casinos is something that we need to the casino industry for many reasons. First of all they’re needed to create competition so that all sites delivers good offers and campaigns. Then it’s good as they can come with an innovative way of thinking. This gives us new and unique loyalty programs and welcome offers. So everyone can try the new sites and get bonuses, free spins and other things which is positive.

You should not forget that all casinos might not be as good as they say they are. So the final tips to you who wants to try new gambling sites no matter if it’s about bingo, poker, scratch cards, odds or casino, is to read through terms and conditions for offers. Check so that the site has the correct gambling licence for secure gambling. Or you can choose sites from our site as we’ve already done the work for you.

Here on this page you find safe and secure alternatives with nice welcome offers and campaigns. Check out the chart.

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